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Professional Building Management Solutions
OGPM - Your Trusted Building Management Solution
At OGPM, we specialize in providing professional building management solutions that prioritize transparency and ensure the utmost value for your maintenance expenses. With our advanced tools and technologies, we empower committee members to fulfill their duties efficiently while maintaining a healthy work-life balance for themselves and their families.

When you choose OGPM, rest assured that you will receive dedicated support from a team of subject matter experts working in harmony with committee members. Our main objective is to enhance the living experience of every resident in the society, and we achieve this by staying customer-focused and addressing the concerns that matter to both residents and committee members. Additionally, we handle all CHS compliances, relieving you from the burdensome tasks associated with month-end and year-end procedures.

At OGPM, we not only deliver exceptional building management services but also strive to create new career opportunities for young professionals. As an Apartment Success Executive, you will receive comprehensive training and embark on a respectable professional journey. Join our diverse team of experts and gain valuable skills in teamwork and customer focus while making a meaningful impact on our valued customers' lives.


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The Society App for Residents
At OlaGate, our goal is to foster a sense of belonging among community members by making it easy for residents to connect with their neighbors and create a community they can be proud of. Our platform facilitates the building of a thriving, safe environment where kids can make lasting memories and where new residents feel welcome.

With OlaGate, you have the tools to connect with your neighbors, conduct surveys and polls on important community matters, and give your voice a powerful platform. Our platform also provides homeowners and residents with easy access to HOA/RWA members and property managers, including bills, invoices, and balance sheets. Additionally, OlaGate connects community members with local businesses, vendors, and professionals recommended by their neighbors.

As a fully-loaded community and property management platform, OlaGate offers a range of features including visitor management, daily staff management, child safety, payments management, emergency alarms, eIntercom, ePoll, Surveys, and a society feed. Together, these features make OlaGate an essential tool for building and maintaining a strong, connected community.


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The Society App for HOA/RWA Members
At OlaGate, we understand and respect the commitment of HOA/RWA members to their communities. We acknowledge that the responsibilities of an HOA/RWA member can add stress to their personal schedules and family time. That's why, when designing OlaGate, we made sure to prioritize the pain points of HOA/RWA members, so they can fulfill their community responsibilities without sacrificing their personal or family life.

Our Community App automates all the activities of a board member, enabling them to manage, track, and access everything virtually from anywhere, with 24x7 access. This takes a significant weight off of their shoulders and allows them to spend more time with their loved ones, without compromising their community duties.

With OlaGate, HOA members can easily connect with homeowners, residents, property managers and front desk staff through a HOA-customized, dedicated App, thus making their job much more manageable. OlaGate helps HOA members to be more effective in their role while giving them more time for themselves and their families.

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