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[Building/Community Resident View]
The Society App for Residents
OlaGate is dedicated to making everyone feel like they belong in their community. We make it easy for every resident to connect with their neighbor and live together in a community that they are proud of.
OlaGate helps you build a thriving community that is safe to live in for kids to build childhood memories & attracts new neighbors.
With OlaGate, it is easy to connect with your neighbor,
run the survey to get neighbors opinion of the matter critical to you, get poll on the matter impacting you all and give your voice the community power.
OlaGate connects homeowners & residents with their HOA/RWA members, and property managers. Get access to their bills, invoice & balance sheet on their finger tips.
It can also connect with local businesses, vendors, producers, and professionals that are recommended by their neighbors.
OlaGate is fully loaded community and property management platform, equipped with features like Visitor Management, Daily Staff Management, Child safety, Payments Management, Emergency Alarm, eIntercom, ePoll, Survey, society feed etc.


[HOA/RWA View]
The Society App for HOA/RWA Members
We respect HOA/RWA members for their commitment towards their communities. We understand that carrying out the responsibility of HOA/RWA definitely adds stress on their personal schedules and their family time.
OlaGate has been designed with HOA as the prime stakeholder of the platform. While building OlaGate we made sure to pay special attention to the HOA’s pain point, so that they can execute social commitments without impacting their personal & family life.
OlaGate Community App automates all the activities of a board member helping them to manage, track & access everything virtually from anywhere with 24x7 access. This removes a big weight off of their shoulders & allows them to spend their personal time with their loved ones, without compromising their community responsibility.
OlaGate helps HOA Members to connect with homeowners, residents, property managers & the front desk through a HOA customized dedicated App.
The cloud based automated ticket management App.
OGDesk designed especially for the HOA/RWA, to help them better manage the complaints, services request and changes request.
With the support of a custom defined department and sub department with assigned head, it helps HOA to distribute their duties among themselves, delegate & coordinate tasks with the property management team.
With realtime access to every update on a ticket, it’s virtually impossible to lose track of any activity or task.
Help residents and homeowners send the service request, approval systematic way & let system take care of coordinating the ticket with respective department heads. Keep the communication with the ticket owner and originator updated with progress.
The dedicated app for front desk or security.
OGSecurity, a dedicated App front desk app fully integrated with OlaGate.
It helps the front desk or gatekeeper to stay focused on the security of the building rather than getting distracted with keeping track of checkin-checkout of visitors, deliveries etc.
The real time notification of visitor and staff check-in, mails & packages delivery builds confidence in residents.

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